Need to dig in a sensitive area? How about one with potentially unmarked utilities? Do tight quarters or overhead utilities make traditional excavating methods impossible? Let the hydro-excavating experts at Diemer Plumbing help you out!

Hydro-excavating allows for high precision excavating without the risk of damage when operating in sensitive areas. Hydro-excavating uses high pressure water streams to cut dirt and then a powerful industrial vacuum to remove the dirt from the excavation point. Our high capacity vac trucks can hold 10 yards of excavated debris, so while safe, hydro-excavating is also incredibly time efficient!

From sewer rodding to catch basin cleaning our team delivers quality results every time!



We specialize in:

  • Utility locating-

    • Sewer, Water, Electrical, Fiber Optics

  • Excavating in sensitive areas

  • Catch Basin cleaning  

  • Sewer rodding